Cash Management Services

Cash Management Services

Cash Management Services

Cash Management services include validation, counting and securing of cash. LB Bonafide operates cash management services across India transacting with the banks and cash collection centers. Comprehensive details enlisting different stages of cash processed is reported by us on a daily basis. We not only ensure security of cash but also the whole cash cycle so that customers handle the cash efficiently, protect assets and minimize costs. Our cash management services are fully integrated manually and with IT controlled systems for complete security and no fraud. LB Bonafide offers tailor-made cash management and delivery services to meet customer’s requirements. A team of dedicated security personnel supported by latest technology and equipments professionally manages our services.

Dedicated Cash Vans

Cash and valuables in transit involve secure movement both to and fro from your location to the bank or vault or treasury storage unit. With vast knowledge in the secure transit market, LB Bonafide recognizes the crucial nature of safe cash transportation. We are professionally driven and duty-bound to deliver the cash safely and securely to the destination. We do not compromise on strict regulations, right decisions, staffing, training, and equipment in any situation. We support this by employing latest technology to ensure highest security for both cash and staff. Specific procedures and transportation processes are followed at every step to provide best service to all our customers.

We provide non-bullet proof to bullet proof vans for small to large businesses. Our cash-transit vehicles are GPS and GPRS enabled, giving you the flexibility to monitor their route from a remote location. Our division involves in secured transfer of cash and valuables, multi-point cash collection and cash delivery service.

Mobile Van ATM Services

LB Bonafide offers a complete solution for ATM services, where the clients can select the best option suiting their needs. They can choose among ATM installation, managing, full maintenance or replenishing the existing units. This ensures that our clients are provided with increased flexibility. We provide cash management, maintenance, replenishment, installation and upgrade through mobile van ATM services.

Our team of professionals is well trained and familiar with different ATM models available. We decide the replenishment frequency as per your needs, while we communicate the ATM machine balances promptly to our clients. We have one of the most advanced fleets in the country specially organized to meet clients need. Our specialized training programs for crewmembers and managers ensure delivery of high quality services to the end user.